+600 investors around the world

Invest with profesional traders keeping your privacy, transactions are publicly recorded on the blockchain

Creating an account

Step 1

Set your password, which is going to be used to encrypt your keys with AES – SIV within your device.

Step 2

Backup your wallet and so, by guaranteeing a copy of your wallet, you can restore all your information just by using the backup words.

Step 3

Verify the seed and save it in a private place, if you loose your seed you could permanently loose your wallet. Import the seed into the system and your account is ready!



Send Bitcoin to your wallet


Realize the investment 

The investor simply sends his investment to the fund’s bitcoin address. The system detects the transaction and registers it on the Ethereum blockchain. The manager only needs to validate in order to get the ball rolling.

Withdrawal request

  • The investor selects which investment he/she wants to withdraw.
  • The withdrawal request is registered on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The administrator checks the signatures and makes the payment with the profits.

Send & Receive Bitcoin

Send: Fill out the form with the amount of BTC and the address to send to.


Receive: Anybody can pay you, you just have to share your address.


Backup your wallet

  • Make a wallet backup and store in multiple safe places. With your backup you can import your wallet into any device; it is compatible with other wallet software providers.
  • If you loose your seed you could permanently loose your account.

Check your history

  • All your transactions are public. Just by knowing your address you can check all your movements, and your privacy is guaranteed because personal data is not linked to your pseudo-anonymous address.


  • Risk of losing the amount of contribution due to the extreme volatility of tokens and cryptocurrencies.

  • Risk of Losing Access to BTC Due to Loss of Private Key(s), Custodial Error or Acquirer Error.

  • Risks Associated with Markets for BTC.

  • The posibility of losing more that what you initially deposit due to bad trades.

  • Unanticipated Risks